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3 In 1 Digital Microscope Camera With 1600X Zoom

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Grab your Discounted 3 In1 Digital Microscope Handheld Biological USB Microscope Magnification!



The 3 in1 Digital Microscope Handheld Biological USB Microscope with  Magnification,  is a microscope made of high-quality IC and electronic components, with clear image quality. This versatile microscope can be operated with your phone, laptop, or desktop, delivering good quality magnification for small objects that need to be observed, operated on, or fixed. You can easily take pictures or record video and can pick up microscopic footage and images of computer chips, tiny screws, components, skin, jewelry, etc. The handheld microscope has low power consumption and high-resolution applies to small objects for a larger photo and video production. The stand holds the microscope in place steady so you are able to get a clear view without worrying about shaking. 

The 3 In1 Digital Microscope Handheld Biological USB Microscope Magnification product size is 110x30mm with magnification settings of 500X, 1000X, and 1600X. Light source is 8 LED. The microscope is compatible with Windows, Mac, and some Android mobiles. System Requirement pentium computer with 700M Hz and above, 20M HD space CD ROM measure tool, Micro-Measure. You are able to adjust the focus on the camera, with the wheel attached on the side of the microscope, and are able to record your process, with red button on the other side, and download it on either your phone or computer. Product includes download disk, cord, and stand.

3 In1 Digital Microscope Handheld Biological USB Microscope Magnification Features:

  • You must 1st insert the disk into a computer and proceed to download the software.
  • The LED light is ajustable and be dimmed or britghtened.
  • The stand can be adjusted as needed.
  • All items are sold together.
  • This product is not water-proof.