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Professional Temporary Hair Dye Comb Set

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Color your hair in seconds without causing any damage or making a mess. Brush through directly into your dry hair, it's extremely easy to use without damaging your hair. Perfectly works on all types of hair, light or dark.

  • Create a fashion statements and enjoy your designer hair color
  • New hair color comb technology self seals in 60 seconds
  • No mess and easy to apply
  • Washes out with shampoo
  • Each comb can last for a few applications
  • Makes for perfect gift

How To Apply:
Brush through completely dry hair where you want color to show. You can also spray a little water for easy coloring.
Brush and style as normal. Hair spray can be used as an extra sealant.

Simply wash hair as normal using water and shampoo. If you added many layers of colors, you may need to shampoo twice to fully remove color.


  • Material: Non-allergenic, non-toxic hair color chalk
  • Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Rose Pink, Purple
  • Size: 10 x 3 x 1.5 cm per unit
  • Best for: All types of hair - Adults and Children

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